Flex On Composite Inclined Ultra Grip Stirrups


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Product Details

Please note: Various colour styles are available across the EQ Saddleworld store network. These styles, although available, may not be shown as available on the website. Please contact your nearest EQ Saddleworld store to ask about a particular colour. Our friendly team would love to help you!

The Flex-On Stirrups use innovative shock absorption technology to cushion the movements of the rider. Flex-On stirrups dramatically improve technical performance in terms of shock absorption. A new generation stirrup. Flex-On offers superb comfort. Finally the stirrups can be customised to the riders choice of colours.

Fitted with two elastomer springs. The Flex-On elastomers reduce and absorb shock waves. As a result this protects the riders ankles, knees and skeletal system. More importantly the horse also see’s the benefits of the shock absorption system. The shock waves intensity reduces through the stirrups, with each movement.

Aimed at a wide range of riders. The Flex-On Stirrups are used for eventing, showjumping, cross country, endurance, dressage and everyday riding out.

There’s Grip and then there’s Flex-On Ultra Grip.

The Ultra Inclined Foot Rest is preferred and therefore used by most riders. Crimped pins are also fitted to the Ultra Grip tread. Made of hardened steel, these are tough and also very durable. Finally the pins are then embedded within the moulded plastic grip. As a result this offers amazing grip for the riders foot.

Easy to clean. Use water to clean the Flex-On Stirrups green composite range and simply allow to air dry.


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